26th December 2022

Very particular dishes prepared for special days is very much a tradition, roasted fowl, bird, for Christmas and Thanksgiving main course, Xmas pudding and custard sauce for dessert on the 25th, trifle for tea on birthdays, tomato soup, and bangers and mash after the fireworks on Bonfire night.

My especial favorite menu is for Boxing day. Left over cold bird, turkey, goose, or duck, whichever makes no mind, with bubble and squeak as the vegetable side, and a whole cotchel of pickled goodies to add a little spice, sweet, or tart to the ensemble.  The potato and cabbage fried accompaniment must be made from leftovers from the previous days table, fresh prepared just does not taste the same, A wise cook prepares double portions for Christmas dinner, ensuring plenty of hold over abounds.

Goose fat fries the best, duck is a good second choice. Barbarians use pig lard, but that has a very specified tang, and would be acceptable upon a breakfast platter but never for luncheon.

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