25th December 2022

Christmas Day is always joyful, even in the bleakest of times the festive spirit do manage to shine through. Such blessings are a wonderful thing, the world be so very extremely sad on otherwise celebratory occasions, dependent on histories often weird foibles.

Thankfully our human calendar has some fixed joyful dates, times when no matter what we human beings will take a moment to just be, to breathe, sigh, and the thankful. Hence the magical moments like the 1914 Christmas truce in otherwise devastated Flanders fields.

 Apparently, man is quite capable of rising above the petty, the inconsequential, and demanding good will for all, no matter when or where. or whose flag begs them bend their knee. This small chink in our otherwise quite impervious armor is created by a surprisingly tender streak of humanity that souls, admittedly often heavily concealed, at the very core of our persons, a living conscience that swells forth unashamedly when summoned for to act for the betterment of civilization.

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