24th December 2022

Christmas Eve bring with it a plethora of circumstances for gratitude, each new morning becomes a triumph of sorts, presenting possibilities unconsidered to date. This past year has been a challenge to all, we have attempted to rise from the terrors of COVID, bravely look forward to future less medically safe, but at least survivable by a good percentile of the worlds inoculated population.

December 2022 certainly didn’t decide to pass quietly, bring to me and my neighbors an abundance of snow, sub-freezing temperatures, and a most discerning eighteen-hour electricity power cut.  We buckled down, wrapped up, attempted to remain calm and just a little joyful.

The universe is really not such a difficult place to inhabit, trials and tribulations doth arrive and disperse frequently, falsehoods are inclined to abound, for the planet is after all invested with people, and they prove to be most unreliable in the very finest of circumstances.

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