23rd December 2022

 I have quite the problem with secrecy, people hiding information from me, something suspiciously deceitful in my opinion, for I have a right to all the news, public, private, official, even carefully concealed. Are my expectations too extreme? Should an individual be allowed some freedom to operate outside my purview? Perhaps, in your ideal universe, but never in mine, where all matters have but the one foundation, the wholesale coddling in my wishes, a most reasonable circumstance in my humble opinion.

We are expected to rise above such self-inclinations but is that the manner in which we have stubbornly and successfully risen triumphant against all forms of adversity?

Meekness is quite attractive in the lamb being fattened for the slaughter by we erstwhile butchers, chefs, and restaurateurs.  Our greatest natural egotism, our indominable preeminence above all other considerations, has ever been our most staunch strength, and should be honestly honored, without any false trepidation.

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