22nd December 2022

To lie is a most usual practice for a human, indeed, in some professions, such a skill is part and parcel of the everyday earing of a crust and bowl of soup. The theatrical, a salesperson, professional raconteur, or spinner of anecdotes, particularly the politician, rely on their unfamiliarity with the truth for every avenue towards success. I take no exception to such flimflam, accepting that falsehood is as natural as gospel, quite possibly more so.

My only true objection do come about when the perpetrator of such idiocies fails to stop, for the spreader of ridiculousness’s will unfailingly continue unabated in their stock in trade, and  doth expect the repetitious mendacities to be swallowed slavishly, without question, pause, or consideration. I enjoy a good tall tale as much the next fellow, but there is a limit to how much guff a chap can be expected to willingly overlook. Serving more than one plate of crow in just a sitting is unquestionably insulting, and candidates garnering for support are inclined to do so unhesitatingly.

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