21st December 2022

Of all the seasons winter do tend to be the most adversary, having a whole plethora of difficulties to throw at humanity, singularly or en masse. Considering the longevity as our reign as supposed sovereigns of the planet we have managed very little to combat natures annual cycle of challenges.  her apparent taste for occasional cruelty, gloating over undoubtably most deserved but still irritating inconveniences.

I sit here this afternoon admiring the snowflakes falling outside, a most pleasant vision no matter the occasion, imagining the generations of humans that have enjoyed, accepted, endured, similar experiences. I have some degree of more comfort than they, a little electrical heat, warm clothing, the sure knowledge that even this seemingly endless bitterness must eventually pass. Unfortunately certainly does not make for warm tootsies or fingers, just the sure knowledge of a more comfortable future.

Chronological scale in entirely pointless in regard to such recollections, for memories have no exactitude of any measurable form.

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