13th December 2022

I heartily dislike disbelieving peoples words, but circumstances throughout the passage of my existence have made me fully appreciate the natural tendency human beings have towards twisting them, adapting true reality to their own devices, favorable inclinations.  

No doubt the way the prevarications develop is accidental.  unmeant, not toxic, but necessarily the effects, the outcome, is identical as would be resultant from an outright lie. Time, happenstance, is not inclined to recognize subtleties, right is predictably always correct, falsehood unshakably wrong.

Ambiguity is just a moat excavated around the fortress of the perpetrator, supposed to stop if not repel any initial inveigling toward the interior sanctum, unrefined, unmitigating honesty. Unfortunately, such a virgin ideal is utterly marred by but one minuscule penetration.

Absolute purity cannot survive one single moment of fragility. As with truth, the maidenhead is inviable to circumvention, quite similarly vulnerable.

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