12th December 2022

The methodology for implementing punishments upon major corporations and public utilities are unsurprisingly largely financial, monetary penalties forever appeal to those unfortunates being placed in overwhelming economic straits. Governments tend to take this principle to an outlandish degree, particularly when dealing this offshoots of their own broken apparatus. Privatized supply companies suffer the most debilitating fines and are expected under cunningly designed legislation to be self-disciplining and taxing, an idea heinously over exerted in the case of environmental or natural resource wasting issues.

Green enthusiasts tend to be particularly severe in their aspirations for penalty recommendation, the concept that there exists no adequate compensation for the loss of finite resources apparently being beyond their slightest appreciation.

Self-imposed measures are of course Orwellian newspeak for no real penalty whatsoever, No self-perpetuating monolith will ever fine themselves out of existence, such would be a suicidal act inconceivable in fully cognizant and perpetuating hierarchy.

If endless levies are counterproductive then what solution do exist for a proper means of indemnity. As ever the answer is not a result, a sentence, rather it is a process, a structure of motivated, involved, interested individuals, massaging the stiff joints any public or private edifice, from a position of immediacy, involvement, openness, willingness to be involved, a solution.

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