10th December 2022

The Tin Man, as categorized in the novel ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, do continue to perpetuate the travesty that any brave individual, particularly those seemingly naturally equipped for violence, tend to be of less than average intelligence. You may question my assumption that he is aligned to aggressive business, pointing out he is but a tree husbandman, a woodcutter, logger, hence the ever-present axe. But I will retort most assuredly that to mine eyes he appears so very knightly, Don Quixote-ish, adorned defensively with a more than adequate suit of armor.

Nick Chopper, The Tin Woodman, has a very complicated backstory in the original book series by L Frank Baum, and has quite predictably continued to be immortalized in tales, cartoons, and films since his appearance in the publication of 1900. His origin is truly macabre, fully justifying his lack of a heart, and continuing desperate search for a replacement, even including thankful acceptance of the imitation straw stuffed one proffered so off handedly by the Wizard.

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