9th December 2022

Highly improbable, nay, absurd happenstances that we accept so easily in fictional accounts, we would poo-poo in actuality. That thinking would certainly be accepted as the normal manner of the universe, that right is right, and falsehood more than plainly obvious, undisputable, unquestionable.

Three playing cards from the minor suite of Spades are arguing in a rose garden.

“Just paint the whole flower red!”

The five of spades is getting rather irritated with the number seven.

“The Queen will pass here momentarily.”

“But it is pointless. These are white rose bushes.”

The two of spades look horrified by the sevens outright blasphemy, and somewhat alarmed at the indistinct shouting coming from the edged of the rose garden. Then suddenly the bellicose sentences become clear.


The Queen of Hearts strides in view, followed closely by a trembling axe man, who knows his time will come soon enough.

An improbable, ridiculous, fictional scenario? Now let you imagination wander just a little… …

 In the strange illogical universe of ‘Everything4Sale’ there has just been what the citizens like to call a democratic election. The states last leader has been handsomely voted out of office, to be replaced by an exceptionally old chap of a far more presentable and trustworthy character. Thus far everything seems fairly reasonable, and much as would be anticipated and welcomed.

Unfortunately, the cast aside leader has an overwhelming case of the self-importance’s and cannot accept his dismissal.  He bitches, moans, throws constant tantrums, up to and past the date of his supersedence. It is now almost a year later in ‘Everything4sale’, and the old leaders fans are still painting the roses his favored color, a very blank and featureless white.  Yet he still screams,


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