8th December 2022

The White Room is my ultimate expression of detachment, being supremely isolated but able to finitely observe my immediate and surrounding space, inclusive of any individuals therein enclosed. This concept was illustrated for me at a very young age whilst isolated in a stark hospital room, decorated in the most brilliant white quite predictably, for an extended period of time. The visual image and emotional influence have lingered inordinately without any indication of evanesce.

My lifestyle do seem very solitary, cloistered, but that condition is as much by personal choice as being enforced by election, or   compatriot selection. I am not an easy human to share air with, and not terribly forgiving of other’s idiosyncrasies. My well-masticated opinion favors the notion that homo sapiens, whilst superficially needy, is not receptive to the same fault in others. Many a relationship simply has a sell by date, a maximum period of time before the benefits of closeness are outweighed by any accompanying aggravations. Mankind is famously fickle.\

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