2nd December 2022

People, hopeful people, particularly educators and parents, imagine they are living their lives in a way that will assist their charges, their offspring, to advance in life more easily, with less friction, than would otherwise be possible, or probable. Such hopes are of course quite pointless. Existence, time, the future is no so easily manipulated, too many arbitrary factors will thrust themselves between the young and their opportunities, chances, accomplishments, effectively their entire fate.

I do not like to rain on any mentors parade, but children, teenagers, adolescents, are not inclined to be susceptible to lessons, advice, suggestions, the guiding hand, however well any help and assistance may be intended. They are headstrong, independent, free thinking, wholly capable of advanced logic and reasoning, quite easily as cognitive as any of their elders might possibly imagine themselves to be.

They are after all rapidly maturing human beings with all the inherent skills and failings our species  so fully possesses.

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