28th November 2022

Haigha, the March Hare is a most confusing chap, being famously the personal messenger to the White king, as well as the infamously the old leveret whom attends the Mad Hatters tea parties whenever he is fit and able to do so. ‘Tis quite remarkable that the ever-precocious Alice never do mention that that are indeed the very came Lepus, but perhaps in uniform he is not so easily identified.

A most obligating fellow, always most consistently agreeing wholeheartedly with anyone available. Most likely he was smitten with Alice at first glance, we all do comprehend a hares very open predisposition towards the fairer gender and their inability to do much at all after an initial flirting but protect themselves from the flying feet of their new and suddenly thoroughly irritated female acquaintances. A male Hares romantic fortune is not a particularly safe or blessed.

It do occur that Haigha is but an intrusion of the Dodgson himself into the story. Please do remember that Charles Ludwig’s proposal was rejected by Alice some years later.

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