27th November 2022

I had a most disturbing dream last night about utilitarianism, not such a commonplace nightmare, but proposition if heartedly pursued capable if inflicting that most heinous of inflictions, intrusive and unwarranted censorship. Edicts for conformity begin harmlessly enough, a casual suggestion from the establishment that the wearing white clothing is an unnecessary drain on laundering time and equipment, and vital ancillary public resources, like energy, chemical output, use of labor, increased water wastage, but rapidly descends into a compulsion to adopt utility garments most bland, of officially approved design and hue, creating a dynamic of scrupulous uniformity. From the tiniest of seedlings great monolith’s do unleash, to overgrow all less vigorous consequences.

Totalitarianism germinates in very small terrariums, flourishing, expanding, quickly engulfing any form of individuality. Strangling any vestige of singularly with the razor-sharp cheese wire of unforgiving conformity.

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