26th November 2022

Extraordinary individuals should never aspire to anything less than brilliance, for a short measure will simply lead to a train of unfortunate outcomes. Trying to appear banal is most unusually difficult, will necessarily draw attention to the actor, whose natural ability to mimic plainness will create too perfect a representation of the normal, affectively creating the unusual, a wholly unique pastiche of the ordinary.

Rather, choose to wear your specialness as a clearly visible costume, announcing your presence, participation, involvement, serendipitously enhancing, raising any productions status and quality from average to   outstanding. There are always scores of supporting players, but lead performers are rare as hens teeth.  

Be the star of your own biography, whom would be better in the part? Explore and illustrate the depths of you own character, your actions, reasoning’s, emotions, those well hid prompts that make us all dance to script like well stringed and manipulated Venetian marionettes.

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