25th November 2022

Much wiser chaps than I do state that you are never too old to learn new tricks, a truth I am hell bent of testing almost every day. Claiming to learn brand spanking new abilities is a stretch of honesty, my time us rather spent refamiliarizing myself with quite ordinary skills my mind has decided to erase, completely forget, or disavow. There is little more frustrating than the surreal feeling of having half accomplished a simple task only to suddenly, explicably, find out you are totally devoid of any notion what the next step might or even should be. ‘Tis maddening quite beyond any easy explanation.

Today I realized I had forgot the mechanics of chewing, an ability a sheep can accomplish constantly and most efficiently. A quite dehumanizing slap on the cheek to someone of my proof.

I am learning not to fret such unpleasant surprises, for the well of forgetfulness is bottomless, and any art, skill, memory, ability, might choose to descend momentarily.  into oblivion. Masticating is no real biggy!

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