24th November 2022

The arrival of the quintessential American holiday, the annual festival of ‘Thanksgiving’. Not intending to be too terribly harsh, but the occasion is of course wholly contrived, cunningly constructed to appease every facet of the imagined first harvest festival celebrated by the pilgrim fathers, including a large banquet, lots of joviality, togetherness, a great Christian observance, even the belated inclusion of some grateful pagan subordinates.  I find the majority of emotions behind the of holiday quite worthy of annual memorialization, but find it just a little bewildering that anyone ever thought, or taught, the day was a reconstruction of a historical actuality.

I am constantly asked in Britains celebrate ‘Thanksgiving’? We indeed do, but much earlier in the month of November. Our festival memorializes the historical hanging, disembowelment, and dismembering of a traitorous individual in the year 1605. A most joyous annual remembrance, celebrated with parties in the streets, including bonfires, fireworks, much drinking, and feasting.  

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