19th November 2022

The sight and stench of unbridled hypocrisy is not amenable to the soul or heart. The impressive ability to cherry pick ideas and actions to only fill the positive side of an argument is skill deserving sarcastic applause and should be always be carefully taken into account when weighing arguments in  a delicately balanced debate.

Too often we are lulled into agreeing with a particular perspective by cunning words, slanted augments, well-chosen ingots of the bias underscoring disparate viewpoints, tangible but not necessarily relevant   evidentiary representations. Lies can be terribly persuasive, especially when they foster deep rooted feelings and emotions better left in the far reaches of our more dark imaginings, all those other untenable and unsavory vagaries we all are occasionally inclined allow a stroll around the compound.

As prime examples of our species we are all too capable of the most heinous thoughts, with thankfully but our overriding humanity curtails any desire to action such unfortunate considerations.

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