18th November 2022

That the world is adrift in an ocean of incivility is plain for all to see, to taste, to endure, as persons famous, infamous, and undistinguished, practice the skill most proficiently. The worst offenders their every single breath, each malignant pronouncement, reminds those willing to see and be witness the depth of their depravity, the impossibility of any redemption.

Fron the original great lie spreads a skein of miner falsehoods, less individually toxic, but gathered together is an ugly mass weighing down the faith and of fortitude of innocents. A single crack in the all-embracing suit of protective armor opens all humanity the imminent danger of disease and infection from such rancorous evil. One tainted orange soon enough spreads rot through an entire store, however well intended the previously wholesome flesh may have commenced,

A whisper oft’ enough repeated will grow into a flood of acridity, attacking, eating, dissolving any true substance in its path. Only a drenching in pure protective diluting waters will hold the heinous brew at bay.

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