17th November 2022

Call me old-fashioned by all means but I still believe that the main purposes of being employment is to be as a good a functionary as is practically possible, to be helpful, obliging, pleasant, a good advertisement for  my employer, my profession and my own self esteem. These goals will necessarily cause the worker to sometimes go above and beyond their normal requirements, to extend themselves, to be a positive influence, a good model and prime example.

As a matter of course, following these righteous guidelines will likely force the employee to occasionally act against their own best interests, opinions, but such is the liability of giving excellent assistance, a diminishment of self in the ultimate pursuit of exemplary customer service.

However, such limitations on personal freedoms do not rest well upon the shoulders of millennials, who have been encouraged to put themselves in the forefront of importance, a wholly sad reflection upon the parenting and mentoring skills of their elders.

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