15th November 2022

The sudden revitalization of long-term inanimate objects is always a wonderous occurrence, smacking as it do of the most improbable possibility of reincarnation of all manner of unlikely items, inclusive perhaps of humanity itself. The continuance of spirit has never been a stretch for me, that there exists an essence within the human being beyond but simple physical animation, one that has a purpose and viability beyond the reach of mere mortality.

My personal religiosity is most aptly kept in tight wraps, the thought of my convictions being widely broadcast or far worse perceived any form of recommendation fill me with horror. An individual’s higher perspectives should be entirely self-discovered, and like politics and amour not the subjects for general discussion or debate.

However, suddenly enlivened electric devices, recharged batteries, unexpectedly malleable rust buckets, these are all beyond magical, miraculous, are worthy of immediate note and a public pronouncement most vigorous.  

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