9th November 2022

Politically I have ever being a believer in the righteousness of extreme change, that slow, steady, gradual alterations bring no real solutions, as the human beast will simply most proficiently adjust to any circumstances as they alter, creating no true fundamental revision whatsoever. Hence, subversion, anarchy, revolution, were my watchwords, accepting disturbance, upheaval, and death as the just desserts of successful   conversion.

My perspective has amended somewhat, not due my original logic being false, but rather because humanity’s capacity to withstand the violence necessary for such manifestations has reduced significantly in recent decades. War, destruction, famine, cruelty, are now largely demonized, quite rightly you might state from a humanitarian ideal, but by extension creating circumstances utterly inappropriate for the overthrow of a despotic, or even a banal and incompetent government.

So we must replace the battering ram with a subtler, less provocative means of overthrow.

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