8th November 2022

Increasingly I find supposedly helpful or illuminating comments that pretend to be oh so casually offhand, nil but a helpful aside, oft poorly disguised subtle innuendo, aimed to steer any independent listeners, observers, witnesses, towards opinions particular to the viewpoint of initial the doubt caster. For evidence such arbitrary statements will highlight a lack of intent as proof of innocence, where in fact any blasĂ©   action simply shows a deep disregard of consequences, subdued repercussions, indistinct ramifications. Ignorance is most decidedly not close to bliss.

I loudly recommend foresight to all, the owning a wide perspective forwards, aside, even trailing. A weather eye to the complex laws of cause and effect, a most active outlook, a true understating of permanent threat of the overhanging limb burdened with rotting ripened fruit.

Not every proffered observation   concludes with the acquisition of   some hidden treasure beyond compare.

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