5th November 2022

And so we arrive upon a day that will ever leave me horribly conflicted, between the realty of an individual and his much more globally recognized persona. The first a devil possessed of the inclination to change society forcefully by use of a terrible explosion, the second a hero bravely striving to overthrow tyrannical government by use of an enormous detonation destroying a world-famous historic edifice. The difference between the two is much greater than a very casual first glance might suggest.

The justification for an act comes from intent, purpose, the finite balance between benefit and harm when action is taken, violent episodes doubly. Guido Fawkes moved against a majority with the aim of overthrowing legality ordained government to impose his own unpopular religious viewpoint. ‘V’ railed with a despot to reintroduce populist rule. Both by the means of imploding parliament entirely crammed in the case of Fawkes, empty and superseded when successfully achieved by ‘V’.

You judge the comparative merits.

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