4th November 2022

For those of you anticipating fairness, kindness, or consideration to illuminate this globe, I give fair warning, There is no tide of sanctity about to engulf us all, no sentient arbitrator hid amongst the clouds ready, willing, and available to miraculously alleviate any such frantic concerns. The universe will expand eternally mush as it already do, cold, cynical, uncaring, untouched by any of the pain and misery seething intermittently from her pores.

Humankind is self-absorbed, has too high an opinion of its merit, sees itself as the center of all things rather than simply as a largely insignificant side upon the platter of existence. Naturally opinions vary, there are very wise men whom perceive humanity as the core of all, the pinnacle of all life. I respectfully disagree. We are, we ever were, an afterthought, possibly the icing upon the cake, but never a foundational element. Being an ancillary layer is really not such a bad thing, alleviates pressure, any need to steadfastness, allows our metamorphosis to something useful, better, longevous.

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