2nd November 2022

A plethora of witches greeted me today as I entered my new regular coffee haunt, for ‘tis Halloween and the owner and staff had all decided to be a coven, and a very pretty gathering they were.  

Has become my habit to yearly sit and admire the All Hallows celebrating funsters every year, for my friends, acquaintances and neighbors on the island do make such a wonderful showing on the occasion. The varied costumes bedazzle, fascinate, amuse, the majority being spun together by the participants from their own devices.

The wonderful thing about fancy dress is its age neutrality, engagement is universally open, and judgement, often an unfortunate millstone around the neck of prospective partaker in many fetes, is quite resplendently cast aside. Rather good nature and jollity quite rightly take precedence.

Naturally, the sight and sounds of the bairn’s all dressed up to the nines is wonderous, but for once ‘tis the adult players who take the proverbial biscuit.

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