1st November 2022

Concerns, worries, illusory troublesome thoughts manifest constantly, coming to the forefront of the mind with predictable regularity, a constant infliction of probable irritating happenings that will easily unsettle and mar otherwise entirely satisfactory days. Our fortune do indeed balance upon a knives edge, a most precarious situation. We are ever liable le to topple, inflicting random indiscriminate harm.

I do my best to put the horrors of flagrant imagination aside, but such a proposition is neither easy nor practical. A falling monument, however grand or aptly founded requires some form of scaffolding to belay any imminent collapse and terminal oblivion.

My pressing task is therefore to prop such a teetering edifice with any suitable material to hand, local, readily available, investing the illusion if not actuality of permanence onto the precarious structure.

Pompeii herself seemed quite invulnerable till Vesuvius decided to interfere in 79 AD.

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