31st October 2022

The weekend before the ridiculous fun that is Halloween is upon us. Not a traditional European holiday, we do enjoy costume parties, masked balls, spooky tales of the macabre, but the delicious compote of all that is classic All Hallows night celebration in these Unted States is wholly differing from any other culture.

This nation is the core of the horror genre, sure there are terrible legends and curses abounding in the old world, but they exist singularly, in isolation, not gathered together in a mass theatrical realization for all.

Just yesterday I spied a young lady strolling along wearing a skeleton bedecked top and pants, most striking and cute, and totally mysterious in any time frame but this particular season. I stared a little, got all warm and fuzzy inside, and having caught her eye grinned in an appreciative manner.  She responded similarly.

How unique that the intent to shock and awe can elucidate collective joy and elation, but it do, quite successfully.

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