30th October 2022

I have quite comfortable with the actuality of the astral plane, am the likelihood I am inclined to often wander within that realm in the best possible of companies.  The dream world, the metaphysical, is but a moment away, and with the misting of the eyes, a relaxation or the mind, the entry portal unseals most fortuitously.

Within the celestial realm my voice remains unrestricted, still clear and concise for those with time to listen, have thoughts and perceptions to share, a heart and soul to prepared to enjoin, enrich, envision.

There is moments pause between being awake and sleeping, or more correctly between consciousness and awakedness, when the soul is suspended outside the body, looking downwards on a still empty shell, much as the moon is obliged do each and every evening tide and night. I sometimes lay thus, still and silent for many a minute, savoring the oneness with all of time and space, with eternity, right until fear alone insists I draw breath.

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