29th October 2022

The particular British art of making a positive out of a negative, expressly regarding all things social and political, is in full bloom.

The United Kingdom’s newest Prime minister is second generation Hindu of Indian origin, whom represents the Conservative mantra in parliament. His appointment is the first such occasion in British history from his antecedent ethnic grouping and religion. That he is Conservative is of no great surprise, Hindus are naturally inclined towards traditionalism. There are members of parliament from all the diverse spread of ethnic, social, and religious citizens represented within the homeland, but the raising to such prestigious position is worthy of pause, celebration, and congratulation. Regretfully his political viewpoints are exactly opposing to my own from every fundamental perspective, but in good time this irregularity will be overcome.

The United States in now obliged to appoint an indigenous American as President, immediately following the first woman quite naturally!

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