28th October 2022

Just a sort of ironic question, when did the detectable differential between summer and autumn disappear? Seems to me there used to be a distinct period of slightly cooling temperatures, moistening skies, and darkening evening times. That blessed interlude seems to that evaporated quite away.

This morning I woke up shivering, 48 degrees outside has that effect. It is early for both ancillary heating and winter togs, a suitable fortnights forewarning be so polite.

My first reaction to any sort of confusion is to question my memory’s accuracy, perhaps I am just being absent minded, or miss recalling the past. Possibly some vast change in the climate has transpired unnoticed or unreported to the plebs like me, surely this cannot so rapidly be brought about by just global warming, which has quite rightly been demonized as a future peril, but that is then, some illusory far-off prospect, not now.

Does appear that universal time is fastening, speeding up, accelerating most rapidly, bringing prophesied doom and gloom hurtling towards the present, a most disconcerting realization.

We are a very fragile race, far less robust than might be imagined by out longevity, meaning any permanence is the result of luck, kismet, felicity. Perhaps homo sapiens run of good fortune is destined to expire more currently that has ever been anticipated.

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