26th October 2022

I indulge my inclinations quite as much as they demand.  This is no great imposition upon me or the universe as the needs are presently both trifling and ludicrously harmless.

Was a time my aspirations were dangerous, liable to cause discomfort and unrest for both object and perpetrator, the target decidedly more immediately, lingeringly. My own pain and regret were of a subtler form, liable to amass through the passage of time and the cumulative weightiness.

Like the inferences of Barries’s ‘Peter Pan’ my trues viciousness was ever conveniently concealed beneath a sugarcoating most appealing, likely to ensnare the unsuspecting innocent before the true pithiness leeched through the fulsome marzipan base. A decipherable underscore of texture will invariably seduce the palate of the unsuspecting, enlivening the unhinged desire for the wholly unexpected and wildly feral that is always loitering to ensnare the most studiously unadventurous and bland of personalities.  

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