23rd October 2022

Eight thirty at night on a Friday evening, and by all rites every delivery driver should be at home relaxing or be out and about enjoying the spoils of a hard weeks graft. Imagine then my consternation when I see the familiar boxcar lights of our most vital carrier advancing up the driveway towards my ramp and doorway. I was aware that an item was overdue, I do follow the tracking notices quite religiously, for that is the very purpose of the system that has being most considerately put in place.

I rose from my window desk immediately and opened the bolted and curtained door more than gladly, twas the least show of gratitude I should muster in the circumstances. I could see that the driver appreciated my attentiveness, and we exchanged smiles and nods as we played a jolly round of pass the parcel.

Living the rural life is very pleasant, relaxing, peaceable, but necessarily relies on the constancy of all manner of crucial services, and a host of dependable individuals. We islanders are so wondrously blessed.

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