18th October 2022

More often than not the path I find myself strolling each day is particularly solitary. This is not necessarily a bad thing for the valleys and dales where I tend do to tarry whilst personally familiar could well confuse or concern a soul less familiar with the surroundings.

My exercise while gentle is always expansive, taking me hither and thither through a universe made considerably more accessible by my ever-inquisitive nature and thankfully abnormally absorbent memory. I recollect too much of my trapsing at times, more than I do wish, more than is comfortable on many an occasion, facts and events both overtly joyous and tediously sad, a very average mix.

You all are most welcome, to follow or precede upon my left on my right, both the good and evil mirror reflections which every honest experience do present. Which   face you choose is immaterial, as is the mask so so suitably decided to adopt, for whom desires clarity upon a flight of pure fantasy, which most imaginings most surely are.  

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