15th October 2022

Just sometimes, we are obliged by out nature to do very human things, automatically, undeniably, factors as ancient as the foundation of evolution itself, processes, procedures, functions, necessary components, integral constituents of the particulars than make us vital and unique to ourselves, our species, our antecedents.

We must breathe, partake in nourishment, replenish liquid, convert consumables into energy, excrete the unneeded and superfluous, perspire, bleed, urinate, be busily about the moment-by-moment business of being alive, a functioning independent creature, a solitary pebble upon the vastness of the universes shoreline. And all these elements are merely the physical, the plain unenlightened mechanism of being, without any additional reason, purpose, object, aspiration, justification, goal, whole panoply of additional higher impetuses, we so casually claim, assert, attest.

Significantly, perhaps we should add to any explanatory absolving listing the trimester of pomposity, pretension, imperiousness.

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