14th October 2022

Experience, practice, but most significantly repetition has allowed me to be become quite expert at the completion of certain tasks. Not particularly efficient, I am neither the best nor fastest, certainly never the neatest, my work oft leaves much to be desired, but it is predictable, to the point of mundanity, nothing if not an exactitude of what has come before.

The circular motion of daily existence is prone to consistent shrinkage, a regular reduction in cubic capacity, and correlated exemplariness. Transversely time is finite, so effectively less activity, happenstance, fruition, is necessarily stretched to fill up the overabundance, requiring some neutral filler, in my case abstract YouTube videos, or a pleasant time-consuming nap.

One might propose that life has become more complicated. There are certainly more things, possibilities, both real and illusory, but life is undoubtably easier for most than ever was, less fragile, not hanging by a proverbial thread and dependent on wholly idiosyncratic vagaries.

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