12th October 2022

We spend our days accumulating lessons, hard earned truths that if used wisely and timely will ensure some elongation of this short meander we call existence, this mortal coil, the breadth, and depth of all thats has significance in this universe.

I attended lectures regularly, paid adequate attention to those I enjoyed, filled gaps, caused by daydreaming, boredom, or plain inattention, with passages learned parrot fashion from volumes that caught my attention visually with their fanciful titles and colorful illustrations. Hence the connections I often make are a stretch, a leap of faith, Plausible, but a little too far-fetched to be swallowed whole without some serious alcoholic assistance in the form of a chaser.

Disparaging looks in answer to my observations have never phased me, I accept derision as the cost of originality, brilliance, perspicacity, and have the well-formed breastplate of a cuirassier for bodily protection against any snide saber slashes aimed will-nilly at the reasoning.

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