11th October 2022

Focus, a priority of aim, blinkers affixed carefully over otherwise all-seeing eyes that unerringly flit to and fro in search of multiple or singular targets. A purpose beyond the immediate, sights set at upon some distant object, as yet a little too fuzzy, but with careful attention quite available for an exact and finalizing strike.

My mind do tend to wander desperately, unable to settle comfortably upon the saddle so graciously positioned for my seat. Evan a dromedary should not be that uncomfortable a mount with adequate preparation and training, but perhaps the muscle memory has faded a little since the dunes of the Kalahari seemed a suitable abode as my naturally itinerant soul.

I do grasp at passing thoughts as they manifest, attempting vainly the clutch them to my chest, keep them just long enough to be memorialized and added lovingly to the store that empties much faster than it renews, an hourglass do with the lower sphere damaged to a point of non-functionality.

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