8th October 2022

As I plod along upon my well-practiced route, I find the time and inclination to ponder the comparative ills of the heinous sins immorality and amorality. The former I seem to have spent a lifetime aimlessly ‘messing with’, the latter a goodly portion of the last decade or so avoiding any close proximity and the possibility of infection.

Probably quite erroneously I have aways imagined immorality as a challenge, a border to be crossed when was apropos and practical, without much risk of having remain trapped in the shadow realm without any chance or hope of returning to the light when convenient and particularly favorable.

Amorality I have ever held to be contemptable, unethical in the extreme, conniving, unscrupulous, fit for the cad, the theatrical villain, calling for the waxed moustache and monocle.

It is wholly possible to be immoral with a good heart, but amorality requires frigidness to the core, a most unpleasant and callous trait indeed.

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