5th October 2022

My missives no doubt are inclined to read as well researched, deeply considered, meaningful, when in actuality they are often casual, hurried, constructed from wholly abstract ideas that suggest a suitable subject for a short diatribe when they popped very mercifully into my mind. The central theme can ring around any proposition, that creates a fertile plot for throwaway seeding a rapidity of growth, for I have a certain minimum and maximum between which the word count must fall to fit neatly into the column size preferred and readily available.  

I prefer to stick to verifiable truths, I no enjoy propagating rumor or falsehood, there is quite sufficient absurd script in the universe without me adding my inventions to the mix. On occasion I will exaggerate, poke fun, point the finger of ridicule at the world in its foolishness, but in summation will ever apologize for and elucidate upon my mockery, chaffing, lampooning.    

Sarcasm serves a most important purpose; it reinforces that all seriousness invariably comes apart before an incising clown.

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