1st October 2022

I enjoy automation as much as the next person but have begun to be perturbed at the lack of an off switch available on many such devices. A helping hand, an extra finger to facilitate control is no cause of alarm, except then the machine involved is heading at some considerable speed towards an unavoidable cliff dive.    Electronic type shortcuts are particularly frustrating, putting ultimate control in the hands of some personally unconnected writer of computer language, who probably should spent more time getting out of their family’s basement than worrying about my ability to type commands accurately and adequately quickly to be super-efficient.

A return to clockwork I do not need, or some absurd concoction of steam rock lunacy. I am quite content with the almost latest modernistic version of an idea, one that as had all gremlins quite perfectly ironed out, and works helpfully, at a speed I can appreciate without having to wear a antigravity suit, or a need a more complete array of ready expletives than I already own.

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