29th September 2022

What is truly remarkable about the Cuban revolution is that a wholly oppressed people as an almost single force, under the leadership of mishmash of idealist mercenaries led by the comparatively internationally unknown Castro brothers, raised their collective middle finger, in a suitably cubist fashion, to the might of the Baptista military, the imperial aspirations of United States federal government, the criminal underworld and the all-powerful American corporate machine.

This feat of united bravado alone was breathtaking significant, but add the uprisings complete success and the following   sixty-five years and counting of comparative successful   government, under the most fractious regional opposition imaginable since the very public Marxist realignment of institutions in the year of nineteen sixty-five, and the multifarious exemplary international partnerships formed and honed continuously outside of the immediate Caribbean.

We fear all we do not understand, and far worse what we are told is outright dangerous.

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