26th September 2022

In succession I have sat on one side of the Atlantic Ocean and peered over that mighty expanse of salt water marveling at the abject stupidity happening quite blatantly upon the other. For decades, feeling the superior Briain, I watched somewhat amusedly. and equally quite horrified, as you Yanks continued unrelenting to expound, codify and prosecute an array of measures totally in opposition to any sense of equality, fair play, civilized behavior. To be continued unabated to the very present day. with the most disturbing reversal so Roe versus Wade.

My arrival in the Americas at the turn of the millennium was swiftly followed by the horror that was 9/11, stalked, as terrible events most often are, by an extreme over reaction, leading to decade and a half of constant warfare, solving all too little, but causing extraordinary global pain and suffering.  We did however arrive at ne moment most welcome, the election of a black president, a happenstance totally unbelievable but a few years earlier, This momentous event seemed to promise to lead to the possible succession of a woman, breaking another long overdue taboo, but the sudden inexplicable reemergence of animus and prejudice quashed that pipedream, rather catapulting the mighty United States momentarily, for one presential term. backwards into darkness and despair. Thankfully the light did reemerge, after quite the constitutional scare, and normal forward moving service resumed, somewhat falteringly, but thus is the manner or progress.

I know sit in semi peaceful retirement on my blessed island as latitudinally distant from my birthplace as if possible to be on this continent and am treated to the sight of those dark satanic mills fitfully throwing themselves politically and socially off the white cliff of Dover like a confused and frankly touched suicide of Lemmings.

Do I care? Naturally I do. It pains me deeply to see my nation, and very specifically my remaining overseas family suffer privations though the error and misdirection of politicians, economists, and social media.

But in time Gods good all this too will pass.

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