24th September 2022

I have of been inclined to enjoin the general dissatisfaction that infests the world, the very casual way we all have of complaining about seeming all and everything, large and small, significant, and piddling. I was a serial offender, a practiced and efficient proponent, as capable as any of righting slightest wrong with a waggle of my tongue, and a sharp outpouring if invective. Oh how the mighty are fallen, a chill blast of misfortune from the annals of probability and my whingeing ways are erased utterly, most efficiently.

It would quite be reasonable to suppose such a turn of fortune would be disorienting, galling, the mother of all inconvenience, an end of meaningful interaction with other gibbering, loquacious homo sapiens. This premise is far from the case, my hearing and vision having stepped smartly forward to bravely attempt to bridge this suddenly arrived chasm.   I was obliged to listen, meaningfully, carefully, to observe, expression, posture, to consider the validity of words, their meaning, significance.

Statements of negativity become quite insignificant, of little or no import, timesteps going nowhere, just beating loudly and most irritatingly. Ebullience however jubilates the spirit, the very atmosphere, enlightening darkness as do the finest beeswax candles ablaze in a crystal candelabra.  

Now, being without a voice, lacking much in the way whatsoever of vocalization, I do yearn to remark, observe, comment, almost consistently, most constantly, escape this cloak of silence that has settled most insidiously upon my shoulders.

I long to cry out with thanks, for breath, life, continuance.  For friends, whose help and support enabled me to survive as more than an empty lonely shell. To medics all who patched and croqueted this feeble physique together most efficiently.  For a universe that borders upon perfection most of the time, filled with wonderous gifts to be lauded and savored.  

My dear friends set aside your ire, the anger and discontent that fills you heart and soul most unsatisfactorily.  Accept rather a portion my joy, just monetarily, for ‘tis infectious.

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