22nd September 2022

The most easily identifiable fault with rumor, innuendo, is that like brand-new heavy weight woven cotton pillow cases they tend to fit too neatly, exactly, explicitly, without a wrinkle or need for extemporary crease. True statements, accurate descriptions tend toward vagary, approximation, just sufficient information to sketch a notion, but not enough to fabricate an exactitude or most dangerously a false reflection.

The genuine is obvious, unmistakable, has an intrinsic quality, a feel, impression, smell, taste, cannot be falsified, forged, replicated, simulated, no matter the time effort, expense   lavished upon any imitation. People in common with objects, when real, original, authentic, positively glow, shine in their verity, are tangible, undeniable, palpable, concrete, corporal.

Falsehood is illusional, reeks of fakery, feigns actuality, offends our sense or rightness, any inner certainly of origination. Perfidy in thoroughly exhausting, leaving body and soul drained, fatigued, debilitated.

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