21st September 2022

The ancient gods were mightily supernatural, but also understandable, filled to bursting with the same holiness and sin, good and evil, as the individuals whom worshiped them, and looked on adoringly for their advice and example. That these paranormal exemplars manifested quite so many traits easily recognizable as human in appearance, says much about their origin and development. To be in part or wholly godly, both physically and spiritually, has ever been ultimate ideal goal for any aspiring homo sapiens.

To encapsulate, epitomize, the characteristics, foibles, of an immortal, a celestial being, is to court great attention, the possibility of immense power and influence, to hold oneself and be held by others in great esteem, or equally and opposingly in mighty derision, dependent on taste and any moral or ethical compass.

Such a seer will be held incredibly highly, or extraordinary lowly, can be welcomed or rejected as an auger, enjoying, or suffering all and any the consequential realization.  

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