19th September 2022

My hearts, my beings, connection to and with the universe is very close. Any pretext of indifference or casualness in that fundamental relationship that is long departed, fled, much be a startled ewe in the deepest, darkest, of night.

This surge of reciprocation has not been sudden, overnight, has akin to a slow and almost unbeknownst drizzle, that fine but constant accumulation of a downpour that soaks cloths and skin unabated to instigate the most trying and somber of circumstances.

This morning I awoke to the most mysterious appearance of a fully mature dragonfly staring frantically from the interior of a skylight in my kitchens ceiling, How the creature appeared I have no notion, had heard no commotion, seen no previous fluttering of spiderweb wings. I was suddenly struck doubly dumb and overcome with awe.

With care I released the beast to the exterior, but remain to this moment disturbed by the incongruity, the unlikelihood, absurdity, any compatibility with my understood reality.

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