17th September 2022

I continue to witness each and very day the dangers of believing in an idea, a theory, an intellectual machination. Such vagaries are open to opinion, personification, conjecture, manipulation, adaption to a form utterly incompatible to any originators good and honest intent.

Rather I hold my allegiances to realities, existences, matters of fact rather than fiction, actualities complete and complex with highs and lows, advantages, and errors, wonderous jewels and ugly scars, proven, honed, molded, chiseled, through both pain a glory, historically, continually.

Outlooks, viewpoints are arbitrary, open to discussion, contention, postulation. They are never set in stone, undeniable, indefatigable, indefensible, unapologetic, stark, ill-favored, exactly describable, wholly regrettable, but chronologically unavoidable. Power must be witnessed to be understood, dissected, vilified, or praised. A proposal holds far more danger, threat, than any practice. A sculpture can be overthrown quite easily, a conjecture not as certainly, or finally.

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