16th September 2022

Whilst out and about today, I as unfortunate enough to witness the sight and sound of a adult male and his mother bickering most excruciatingly about very little at all. Being a reasonably polite and private individual I did my very best not to listen, to filter out the snide and disrespectful conversation, which heavens above well knows should never ever transpire in a situation likely and infringe the space and peaceful harmony of others.

I can recall to my deep regret having a one such disagreement with mine own beloved mother, thankfully in a most private and secure location, and still to this day shudder at my bad taste in speaking with antagonism to the woman who bore me and had the consideration and kindness to deal with my childhood, in  all its petulance and neediness.

Perhaps is it a cultural trait so put respect and gratitude above all else in dealing with forebears, but in my estimation not a bad one. For we owe all we are to our antecedents and their considerable labor is dragging us screaming and bemoaning into the present.

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