7th September 2022

I realized I has misplaced my voice immediately. That particular door slammed shut very noisily, please excuse the pun, and with a certainly that no sudden or imminent reversal was likely or even probable. For someone whose life’s work had been underscored by words the effect was met with surprising stoicism, a grudging acceptance that the enforced silence was by far the least disabling of curses that might have been levied. Of the four most obvious senses vocalization does not equate to the value of sight, hearing, or taste and smell. The lack of any of those would render the individual prone to all kind of woes and dangers.

The ability of my voice to penetrate my own thoughts and perspectives was not affected. Found I could still shout inwardly most efficiently, no doubt my temples visibly vibrating from the enclosed cacophony. I did notice some difficulty in spelling, writing, and typing, but concentration and perseverance did suitably   renew these memory and motor skills quite adeptly, to the point where I can somewhat forgive myself any remaining inadequacies.  

The people, all you people, the public in general and at large, friends, acquaintances, medical practitioners, passersby, are truly my angels, the saviors, and continuers of my being, physical, metal, and spiritual. I do hope and pray that at my most difficult, and I could manage to be most extraordinarily testing, I showed the time and patience that has so lavishly been bestowed upon this most fortunate soul.

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